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Propose is a bangla romantic short film which is shoot on 23rd October, 2016. But not release in that time. Because of the poor cinematography. It was our first short film. We shoot 3 bangla short film in a single day. The other two short film was "wastage" and "Wrong Number". Actually it is an emotional bangla short film where a boy love her classmate. But can't said to her that he loved her so much. For this he write a love letter & send it to her classmate.

Casting: Sraboni, Tusar, Susmita, Amir, Fahim
Story, Camera & Direction: Muhammad T Sobhan
Script & Audio: Saiful Alam
Production Team: Barshan Muhammod, Shuvo Roy, Tahmid Islam Niloy
Camera: Canon 700D with 18-55mm lense
Audio: Shure VP 83
Accessories: Glidecam
Software: Adobe Premiere CS6 & Adobe After Effects CS6
Shooting Location: Munshiganj Shilpokola Academy, Munshiganj

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