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Видео HIGHLIGHT FILM OF 2017 NWU VOLLEYBALL SEASON смотреть онлайн на 100novostey.ru

well i just posted a video after a month and here i go again posting another video... this one is from a while back but if you are friends with me on Facebook you have probably already seen it. ANYWAYS i am posting this video because there may be something coming out soon in relation to this video (gasps in the air) YES you heard me right i am posting another video later this summer that has to do with volleyball, throw me some shade please i LIVE for it. actually please don't i am a sensitive girl just trying to put some videos out for fun and because i hope one day i will move out to LA to do this full time. I am totally kidding about the last part... or am i??? anyways enjoy this highlight film of the 2017 NWU volleyball season!!!!!